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Production and Distribution (B2B)

We have a well-established distribution network that covers various regions, and our team ensures timely and safe delivery of our products. We offer flexible supply options and can cater to the specific needs of our clients.

High Quality
Regular Delivery
Good Margin
Short Shelf Life

Be a Naturoots Supplier

We are always looking for new suppliers who share our values and commitment to natural and sustainable agriculture.

Access to a wider market

Sustainable agriculture

Commitment to quality

Are You a Shop Owner?

Our farm produces a range of fresh and natural dairy and apiary products that are perfect for retail.

Naturoots Refrigerator

Attractive Margins

High Quality Products

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Why Choose Naturoots?

Our farm is committed to producing high-quality and natural dairy and apiary products that are healthy, delicious, and sustainable. We believe that our products are the best choice for retailers who want to offer their customers natural and ethical food options.

Quality and freshness

We prioritize the quality and freshness of our products, which means that your customers will always receive the best and most delicious products available.

Competitive pricing

We offer competitive pricing and attractive margins to our retail partners, so you can make a profit while providing high-quality products to your customers.

Sustainable agriculture 

 We believe in sustainable and ethical agricultural practices, which means that our products are good for the environment and support local and small-scale agriculture.

Customizable options 

We offer customizable packaging and labeling options, so you can tailor our products to your shop's brand and style

Wide product range 

We offer a wide range of natural dairy and apiary products, including milk, ghee, yogurt, buttermilk, butter, coconut oil, and honey, so you can find the perfect products for your shop or business.

Customer support

We are dedicated to providing excellent customer support to our retail partners, so you can always rely on us to provide you with the products and services you need.

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Farm Experts


Farm Products


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From Naturoots to Customer

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Milking cows at Naturoots typically involves bringing the cows to the milking parlor, where they are milked using a milking machine by a trained farm worker,


After milk is collected, it is transported in a milk tanker under controlled temperature, complying with regulations to ensure milk safety.

Physical Store

Once the milk reaches the physical store, it is stored under appropriate conditions, labeled and displayed for sale.


The milk is then collected and stored in bulk tanks/bottles for transportation to a processing facility or for on-farm use.

Online Shopping

Online Store

Milk is processed, packaged, and delivered to customers through online stores, ensuring quality and convenience.

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Where to buy?

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Available at:

Naturoots Outlet

Poolapoyil, Mukkam


Ideal Supermarket

New Bus stand Rd



Focus Mall, Rajaji Rd


Order on

Geo Family Mart



VKM Hypermarket

Puthalam, Areekod


4p Mart

Kondotty Bypass Rd


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